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Ideal Candidate

The best candidate for this treatment is anyone with excessive body fat or cellulite pockets that have not gone away through diet and exercise alone. Fundamentally, good candidates are patients who would like to tighten skin, shrink some fat and reduce cellulite without resorting to invasive surgical procedures.

Before you make your appointment, schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals and ensure you are a good candidate for Venus Bliss™. Our clinicians will explain the procedure with you and assess if the treatment will help you reach your goals. The consultation is an excellent way to get to know our staff, ask questions about the treatment and learn more about WaySlim and Skin.

Laser Lipo

  • lipo1.jpg
  • lipo5.jpg
  • lipo2.jpg
  • lipo3.jpg
  • lipo4.jpg

Body Contouring

  • cont3.jpg
  • cont4.jpg
  • cont1.jpg
  • cont5.jpg
  • cont2.jpg
  • cont7.jpg
  • cont6.jpg


  • cel1.jpg

Skin Tightening

  • skin1.jpg
  • skin4.jpg
  • skin3.jpg
  • skin2.jpg

Morpheus 8

  • morpheus8-before-after-dr-s-obaid-preview-5.jpg
  • morpheus8-before-after-dr-g-ellis-preview-1.jpg
  • morpheus8-before-after-dr-j-hellman-preview-6.png
  • morpheus8-before-after-dr-s-farhang-preview-1.png
  • morpheus8-before-after-dr-s-harper-preview-1.png
  • morpheus8-before-after-dr-s-harper-preview-3.png
  • morpheus8-before-after-sowa-medspa-preview-1.png
  • morpheus8-before-after-sowa-medspa-preview-3.png
  • morpheus8-prime-before-after-dr-p-rovatti-preview-1.jpg
  • Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 12.58.42 AM.png
  • Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 10.03.14 PM.png
  • accutite-morpheus8-before-after-dr-p-rovatti-preview-1.jpg
  • accutite-morpheus-prime-before-after-dr-s-paul-preview-1.png
  • morpheus8-before-after-dr-d-prokupek-preview-1.png
  • morpheus8-before-after-dr-e-dayan-dr-r-rohrich-preview-1.jpg


  • forma-before-after-dr-s-mulholland-preview-1.jpg
  • forma-before-after-dr-s-mulholland-preview-2.jpg
  • forma-before-after-dr-b-ridenour-preview-1.jpg
  • forma-before-after-dr-h-ohanian-preview-1.jpg
  • forma-before-after-dr-h-ohanian-preview-3.jpg
  • forma-before-after-dr-r-diaz-yoserev-preview-1.jpg
  • forma-before-after-inmode-preview-2.jpg

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